Me and Mum

Four years ago yesterday, at 3.08 am Pacific Time on the 10th of November 2012; I received a phone call from my little brother in the UK. I fumbled in the dark for my cell phone and answered. He said, “I think mum’s dead.” She had suffered a heart attack, and my brother found her at home on the couch in her living room.

Twenty hours after the phone call, four years ago today, I had made the trip from Vancouver Island, Canada, back to my hometown of Sheffield, UK, and I was at my mother’s bedside in the Northern General Hospital. She laid there unconscious¬†and connected to various machines that made all kinds of beeps and clicks.

Four years ago tomorrow, I was holding her hand while she passed away. She was 62 and had retired only two years previously. The doctors said that there was nothing they could do. The amount of time she had been unconscious meant that she had been without oxygen for too long. Read more

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