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There was an eclipse today in the bottom of millions of cereal boxes across North America. Pin sales were through the roof as families flocked to build pinhole cameras like the ones they had seen on the internet.

Another spike is expected, but not in the pin trade: following the mass consumption of Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and Cap’n Crunch to ensure a sufficient supply of pinhole camera bodies, stores all over this land are stocking up on cereal in an attempt to head off the mass hysteria and panic buying widely and unfortunately common when lots of people run out of a thing at the same time and probably can’t get it for another day or two.

In north California, where I live, the eclipse was about 85% full, and was a lot like when a cloud slowly moves in front of the sun. A big cloud mind you. I could see a tiny crescent of light in the bottom of my Cheerios box for about 10 minutes.

I won’t lie to you, I did look straight at the eclipse, just like I assume everyone else probably did. It was only for ┬ásplit second though, because it immediately blinded me and I couldn’t look at it any more or even see anything else. Thankfully, my vision came back a few moments later and I was able to see everything again. Kinda.

I believe that it is too early to tell if the celestial event gave me any remarkable superpowers, but remain ever hopeful that my “power of flight” recurring dream will one day be a reality.

In 1999 I saw a total eclipse in the U.K.

It was kinda eerie and grey for a while, but at the moment of the full eclipse, I could see a ring of fire around the moon. It was pretty neat.

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